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Style Profile - Pavia - Fashion Design Graduate - Bangkok

Pavia is a 24 year old Fashion Design graduate of Bangkok’s Silpakorn University. Inspired by K-Pop and K-Fashion; G-Dragon, Rihanna along with designing clothes for cartoon characters were some of her early influences. With plans to launch her own brand, Pavia aims to open a store showcasing designs inspired by her friends, art and travel.

SSPE caught up with Pavia in Bangkok, Thailand to discover what what motivates her as she bridges the gap between University and her first steps into a fashion career.

Pavia: Youth Culture & Street Style in Bangkok, Thailand

What are you plans since graduation?

I plan to have my own brand of clothing along with my art work. I want to have a store that combines my brand with my friends. I'm also keen to study a foreign language and travel to many countries and make a video about my daily life.

Do you feel your University course prepared you for this next step?

There were lots of practical applications that I can apply in my work. From drawing and sketching designs through to fabric making. I also learned about some unique traditional Thai techniques such as the weaving and dyeing styles of various villages. We also studied branding and photography. Everything was backed up by technical experiments which was sometimes annoying but taught me the importance of research and diligent work patterns. It's great to have experienced so many angles of the fashion industry - not just garment design.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style changes as I grow older and more experienced together with my mood. I could wear the same two or three items in a week or a completely different look every day - it just depends. I love to mix and match to develop new looks and like to experiment with makeup and hair styling to add a new dimension to my looks.

Who are your fashion inspirations?

G-Dragon was the first person that got me interested in dressing. He looks great in so many styles. I like Rihanna too.

Any memories of early fashion moments?

Since I was young, I did't have much confidence in choosing clothes. My mother often chose clothes for me, sometimes matching her style. I liked to watch cartoons and draw pictures. Most of the pictures that I drew were cartoon characters which was the starting point of my interest in fashion.

I always drew a set of dresses to wear for my cartoon characters. Up to High School, K-Pop Culture influenced me. People wearing clothes in flashy music videos gave me the desire to be like them. I wondered - what would it be like walking down the street dressed like I'm in a music video?

Are you still inspired by K-Pop Culture?

I'm most interested in Korean fashion and follow people on YouTube and Instagram. I feel like the fashion in Korea is really exciting and that the country supports the industry very well. Recently I've become interested in Taiwanese and Japanese fashion too. It's colourful and often showcases many unusual items and accessories that make me feel excited.

Instagram and Pinterest are a good source of inspiration because of the variety of locations from street to runway. I also like to check out Hip Hop & RnB music videos as they are always full of interesting looks. In particular I like to check out Petra Collins' work.

Favourite Thai brands?

Dry Clean Only BKK, Usemerepeat

Favourite International designers or brands?

Gucci, Hyeinseo, Motoguo

Since you became interested in fashion & style, how do you see Thai Youth around you interacting with fashion?

The rapid growth and importance of Social Media has made it easy for people to create a brand. The large variety of easily accessible fashion have inspired people to dress in many different ways and develop new personal styles. It's very different to the Thai styles of recent past where society seemed to govern dressing.

Climate concern has been a big part of 2019 - How do you think this will affect fashion over 2020?

There is a new drive and interest in products and production methods that have less impact. We can't reduce people's needs but we can lessen the environmental impact in design and production. Re-purposing and re-working existing second hand garments or fabrics is an interesting avenue.

Other than style and fashion, what are your interests?

Watercolour painting, photography and movies.

Do you have any secret or favourite places to find clothes in Bangkok?

Wanglang and Shinjuku outlets. They are second-hand shops near my house it's so easy to find new items there. Sometimes I go to JJ (Chatuchak Weekend Market)

Ever tried to make your own clothes or customise any vintage finds?

Sometimes I customise my clothes and bags with fabric that I like to colour or print.

Favourite Bangkok hangouts?

China Town

JJ (Chatuchak Weekend Market)

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC)

Talad Noi, Charoen Krung

Pin Ngeun Pin Tong Plaza (Pinklao)

Hopes and dreams for the year ahead?

I will hug my cat everyday and tell her I love her. To be a happy person, travel with friends, make many artworks and tour art galleries and make some vlogs for my YouTube channel.

All photos by Al de Perez for Street Style Planet Earth

Shot on location in Old Town, Bangkok

Words & Photos by Al de Perez

Pavia's Instagram

Pavia's Artwork Instagram

Pavia's YouTube

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