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Style Profile - Ice - Fashion Designer - Bangkok

Ice is a Fashion Designer and graduate of Decorative Arts from the school of Fashion Design at Silpakorn University, Bangkok. From Khon Kaen Province in North East Thailand, she moved to Bangkok to study and work in fashion. At first working as a stylists's assistant, she moved up to working on a design team as well as finding time to start her own boutique brand, Wakie With Breakie.

How did you make the step from university to working in fashion design?

After graduating I worked as a freelance styling assistant for a year. I loved the work but I wanted to try something new so I applied for a job as designer and now that’s what I do. I also run my own small brand Wakie With Breakie. I started it in May 19 and have only just begun promoting it in January 20.

How well do you think university prepared you for real life fashion design?

I learned so much about areas where I had no previous knowledge. When I was a high school student and living in a different province, there was not much local interest in fashion and clothing design. I was passionate and was able to turn my interest into a reality through learning the design process and many practical techniques for garment production including screen weaving. More tutorials would have been helpful but I’m quite resourceful and along with other students we learned a lot by ourselves and a practical hands on experience.

How would you describe your personal style?

I don't have specific words for my style. Every day I dress differently - it depends on my mood, feelings and the weather. I just pick what I feel from my wardrobe and mix and match by laying them over my body whilst looking in the mirror!

Favourite Thai brands or designers?

SODA.BKK, usemerepeat, q design and play.

Favourite International designers / brands?

Miu Miu , Kenzo , Jacquemus , Motoguo

Do you keep an eye on the youth fashion scenes of any other Asian Countries? Which Asian city do you feel has the most exciting fashion scene?

I think Korean youth fashion is exciting. I follow many Korean fashion people on Instagram. I like to see their style and always feel it’s fun.

How did your interest in fashion and style develop?

I think at first I wasn’t as interested in fashion as I am now. My interest came from reading teen magazines. I would go to the bookshop and read them. There was a lot of street fashion photos of people in Bangkok. From my outer province, this seemed really exotic! I was really excited to see people with their own sense of style. This made me want to have some fun with my own style.

In my teens growing up far away from Bangkok, social media wasn’t as popular as it is now and the influence of ‘fashion’ did not reach too far into the provinces from Bangkok. But when I moved to Bangkok fashion seemed everywhere with so any small quirky boutique brands to international department stores. As social media grew, there’s an abundance of online stores. The accessibility of online shopping and rise in social media has turned a lot people on to developing and curating their own styles.

Climate concern has been a big part of 2019 - How do you think this will affect fashion over 2020?

Clothing is something every human needs. But people are part of the problem. We simply buy too much and often what we do not need. Making more considered purchases and buying vintage and second hand can help make some difference.

Thailand’s Elle Fashion Week seems to be more formal and classic style brands, do you feel there should be a platform for younger, small boutique Thai brands to show their products?

I think it's good to have a platform for young designers. New and talented designers need a collective outlet to showcase their work.

Who are your fashion inspirations and influences ?

I like Kiko Mizuhara she is a Japanese model and looks good in every style. I love her brand too. Another person that I really like is Coco Pink Princess.

Where do you look for inspiration ?

I tend to discover things on social media from Instagram or Pinterest. Sometimes just meeting up and chatting with friends can open up many ideas.

Other than style and fashion, what are your other interests ?

I'm interested in photography, drawing and painting.

Do you have any secret or favourite places to find clothes in Bangkok?

Two places that I really like are Patthavikorn Market. It’s a second-hand and vintage market. And Shinjuku outlet. It’s a second-hand shop sells clothes by weight - you just put everything on the scales and they give you the price!

Ever tried to make your own clothes? Or do you customise any vintage finds?

Sometimes my aunt makes up designs for me. I like to go to the fabric market to choose the cloth, then take it to her to create something.

What are some of your favourite places to hang out in Bangkok?

Ta lad Noi, Charoen Krung

Yaowarat (Chinatown Area)

Eden cafe

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)

Chatuchak weekend market

What are your hopes and dreams for 2020?

I want to travel around the world 😁

All photos by Al de Perez for Street Style Planet Earth

Shot on location in Old Town, Bangkok

Words & Photos by Al de Perez

Ice's Instagram

Ice's Wakie With Breakie Brand

Ice's Photography Instagram

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