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Style Profile - Ice - Art Student - Bangkok

Actualizado: 12 de feb de 2020

Supisara or Ice as she is also known, is a 3rd year student of Applied Arts with Textiles major at Bangkok's Silpakorn University. A fan and admirer or Japanese designers and Tokyo street fashion, Ice likes to paint, draw and customise her genderless approach to fashion and has her eyes set upon being a stylist after graduating.

Street Style Planet Earth caught up with Ice in October 2019 and chatted about what it's like to be young in Bangkok.

What made you decide to study Applied Arts?

At first, I wanted to get into the fashion department but I didn’t make it. Applied Art wasn’t my first choice. After feeing initially lost on this course, I'm now enjoying drawing, painting and studying fabric design. If I don't succeed as a stylist, I would consider artistic illustration.

What's your plan after graduating?

I want to be a stylist. Maybe I’ll take different jobs in fashion first as I’m not graduating from a fashion department. As I don't have much experience, I'm planing to learn more about fashion design and Japanese. If possible I want to go study fashion in Japan.

How would you describe your style ?

My style is a real mix. I don’t really want to be about just one style. I think it’s boring. I still have some specific styles though; super dark outfits, really colourful ones or mixing them up with street styles. Punk rock music, vintage fashion (70s-80s) and street style are my inspiration for clothing and make up.

I'm also in love with the weirdness of Japanese fashion, sometimes I would wear something "extra". I think my style can also be called genderless fashion as most of my clothes are me's. I want to be cool like those cool guys out there but sometimes I'll completely change the dynamic with a super girly pink outfit. For me, clothes aren’t gender specific. Men can wear women's clothing too, if they prefer.

Do you have any favourite Thai brands or designers?

ADHOC - A street style all black clothing brand

Takarawong - cool street style brand

Flynow III - art clothing brand

Wonder Anatomie - interesting unique clothing brand

Khamkoon (ค้ำคูณ) Thai silk clothing brand

Ms.shangrila - She is very young and not that far from my age but she’s really cool and talented. *Ms Shangrila was recently interviewed here as part of the Thai Youth Feature.

Which International designers / brands do you like?

Dolce & Gabbana

Alexander McQueen

Charles Jeffrey

Yohji Yamamoto

Graphiste man.g

Korean stylist/director of MoreThanDope Ha Han Seul or ‘Zing_a’

Do you keep your eye on any international fashion scenes?

The most exciting for me is Seoul Fashion Week. I was able to go 2 years ago in March. There's many people from all around the world with so many different styles. But recently some aspects of Korean street fashion are not so exciting. The outfits tend to all look the same which just normalises everything. Maybe it looks super cool to the outside world and of course will stand out on beautiful people and models but from a stylists point of view, if you look carefully, there's not always a lot to see.

Tokyo Fashion Week is also interesting - very unique and colourful! I think, I prefer Japanese style more but as yet I've haven't had the opportunity to visit although I've been following their style for many years.

Since you became interested in clothing, have you seen many changes in the way Thai Youth interact with Fashion & Style?

Young people are becoming more aware of fashion. Either because of K-pop trends or social media influencers. Appearance for Thai teens these day is really important. We want to look cool, stand out, be ourselves or some just go with the trends. As fashion trends in Thailand grew and got bigger, Thai clothing brands catering towards this interest have also grown. Emerging Thai designers have the opportunity to display their clothes in new city centre stores. New international clothing brands have also started to

gain momentum in Thailand. Bangkok city centre retailing has grown too and old department stores have been renovated, stocking more brands and creating unique shopping experiences.

How do you see Climate Concern affecting the fashion industry?

It's been big news in 2019. Disaster doesn't seem too far away. Increased recycling of clothing and material as well as new or hybrid fabrics from plastic and other recycling seems a good idea. New designers are already reworking and repurposing used fabrics. Getting this right could be a new master piece in design.

Thailand has its own Elle Fashion Week in Bangkok. Have you been?

I had the opportunity to go to the latest one a few months ago just for the day. I met some influencers that I follow on Instagram. Most of the guest are celebrities, influencers, or teenagers and middle-aged people but they didn’t dress up much. There was just a small group of people that really show their style such as in Seoul Fashion Week.

Elle fashion week is not an open space like Seoul so you don't see as many people on the street. To get inside you need to have tickets. The clothing brands are impressive though. Some shows don't use the traditional runway format. For the ‘Greyhound' Fall/Winter 2019 show, they were inspired by the everyday characters of Bangkok life; sad, in a rush, drunk, happy etc. The models came out and adopted these various characters; walked really slow, walked really fast, smiled or cried through the runway.

Do you remember any of your early fashion moments?

I was interested in fashion from being quite young. My first interest was drawing clothes and fashion. But as I grew older that interest started to disappear. I didn’t think about it much. I was mainly concerned with my University entry exams, however during my 1st year I started embrace fashion again.

A huge change in my life was going to Seoul Fashion Week with Ms. Shangrila in 2018. Looking back, the look I chose for my first day seems really normal compared with my current style. I was really surprised to see people totally dressed up from head to toe. I lost my confidence for a few weeks but then started to learn more about my figure and then developed a personal style. I've been gradually building up my wardrobe from that point on.

What are your fashion inspirations?

My first influencer of course is Ms.Shangrila. I looked up to her style when I first decided to change my own. I'm always nicely surprised with her looks from year to year.

Miyavi Ishihara is a Japanese singer, guitarist and actor. When he was teenager his style was known as Jrock/Visual Kei style which has been an ongoing influence on me.

Kwanta Choonhavan and her boyfriend Euro are lovely Thai model couple and I like their style very much. Kwanta has a punk rock and boyish style and we have the same hairstyle.

I also look at Japanese street style account Tokyofashion and Street Style Planet Earth for unique street style inspiration.

Seoul Fashion Week was a new world for me. I follow many well known people at SFW for inspiration. Recently, I got really into Japanese pop/rock music . I got an undercut and not many months ago I got a mullet hairstyle which was inspired by Miyavi. At first, I wasn't brave enough to change my hairstyle then I asked myself “What are you waiting for? Just do it!” and then yeah! The craziness began. Sometimes, I like to sketch some new looks in my head after reading some Japanese magazines like Nylon Japan or searching style on Pinterest or instagram. When I don’t know what to wear sometimes I just open the sketch book which helps me a lot.

What are your other interests?

I’m interested in nature and mysterious things. I find taking photos of flowers, people and the street inspiring. My favourite artists are Ito Junji (Japanese horror mangaka) and Yuko Higuchi (Japanese fantasy art illustrator). Sometimes, I do fashion illustration and fan art for people I’m following on instagram. I love reading all kind of stories. My favourite one is Percy Jackson and a book about history of the world events. Also watching movies , series and anime huge interests.

Do you have a favourite place to find clothes ?

JJ or Chatuchak Weekend Market. I buy used and vintage clothes and unique jewellery

here. Instagram also my favourite place to shop as its easier to find the style that I like. Most of the time I like the used and vintage clothing - it feels mort unique. When I travel aboard, I like to visit the unique stores that only exist in those countries. They are my must visits! Sometimes I shop at fast fashion stores like Zara, H&M or Bershka but not so often.

Have you ever tried making or customising your clothes ?

I sometimes customise my clothes, like the black high waist blazer in the photos. I got it from second hand store and cut it in half and decorated it with safety pins. I make my own clothes or customise them because I want to create something new which I can’t find anywhere else. Sometimes I paint my own denim outfits to make it into an art fashion style. It like create a piece of art that suit me the most.

Where do you like to hang out in Bangkok?

1. Walking around shopping centres to check the newest styles.

2. Book store ‘Kinokuniya’ to check out the magazines, art books or the new books that coming out.

3. Art galleries - nice places to study new art styles and techniques.

4. My sister likes to take me to some nice cafes and restaurants. I get ideas and inspiration from either their menu or the decor of the place.

5. Sometimes, I sketch outside. Hanging out with my friends or my sister, taking photos of the outfits of passers by and the places we see.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2020?

I hope to do well In my projects because the 3rd year projects are a big thing. Learn more about myself. Achieve my goals that I didn’t reach in 2019. Create as much artwork as possible because the more I practice the better I get. Visit other countries and learn more about people and their culture.

All photos by Al de Perez for Street Style Planet Earth

Shot on location in Bangkok

Words & Photos by Al de Perez

Ice's Instagram

Ice's Art Instagram

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