about street style planet earth

Rocking the Purple vibes with a hint of
Liuyi at Labelhood, Shanghai Fashion Wee

Street Style Planet Earth began on Instagram in January 2018. Initially as a project to shoot street fashion by Al de Perez, the focus became an outlet to showcase the vitality and expression of youth. 

“If you have come here looking for rich and overprivileged blonde women shaking their hair, strutting a false walk and making sure their bag’s logo is in frame then you’re in the wrong place.”

SSPE gives a platform to and for creative youth around the world. Instagram can only go so far in being a glorified photo gallery. Street Style Planet Earth is interested in contemporary youth with an emphasis on something to say. From artists, designers and street style personalities, we delve deeper than the image with interviews and profiles, giving a voice to visual creativity. We will also be opening up the myth of the key figures from models to make up artists, music programers to lighting designers with features from behind the scenes at Fashion Week. 



Frustrated by the pigeon-holing of Youth Culture by many media outlets as a monotonous tribe of Supreme obsessed drones willing to lap up anything with a whiff of a red and white box logo or an overhyped Nike / Adidas sneaker collaboration - all with the snobbery of being down with the latest Trap or Hip Hop artist to come off the conveyor belt of the LA music making machine, Street Style Planet Earth was borne with a simple message of holding a mirror up to world wide youth culture - without prejudice to major cities and fashion hubs - to reveal the person behind the image. 


“Youth Culture is not about making love to the latest overhyped sneaker collaboration”

With a background in fashion journalism, fashion PR and music and fashion photography, Al was witnessing alternative Youth Culture at first hand on the streets of London, Milan & Paris Fashion Weeks. Even though the youth coming to these Fashion Shows is a minority compared to the so-called “influencers” whose job it seems is to turn up to as many shows as possible wearing a head to toe “total look” of the designer in question, there was enough style and substance on show to make a start.



Street Style Planet Earth thrives on the diversity of global youth trends and fashion regardless of “style tribe”. We do not believe that genre breaking fashion and new ways to wear are only coming out of London, Milan, Paris or New York. SSPE is as much about breaking down barriers in fashion and style as it is in not propagating stereotypes. We are just as interested in Margate as Milan, New Delhi as New York, St Petersburg, Swansea, Singapore, Los Angeles and London.  From Asia to Arabia, Eastern Europe to the Americas, over the coming year Street Style Planet Earth will cover interesting and exciting youth culture from the cities to the suburbs. 

“Street Style Planet Earth aims to be a reflection of global youth culture not a drooling platform for sycophantic corporate Hype or a self appointed messiah of Snobiety.”


Street Style or Street Fashion is something that is inherently young and dynamic, borne of creativity and necessity and is the uniform of Youth with something to say.  From the earliest days of Rock & Roll rebellion to The Teds, Punks, Rockers, Ravers and Generation X’ers, Street Style has never been about money, privilege or switching allegiance to the latest trend. Street Style Planet Earth will take back what has been hijacked by big brands as marketing tool and return it back to the Youth of The World.